Using gulpjs with your Laravel application

I always wanted to have a clean way to manage my applications assets and also have them configurable based on the environment that I am on. I have tried using bower and other asset management tools from laravel and PHP, but I always ended up not using them as I

Accessing Special Folders in Windows

Ever wanted to access special folders on your Windows Operating System and spend time searching on the internet on how to do it. Baam!! Shell commands to the rescue Windows provides a series of Shell commands that can be executed right from the Run (WIN + R) window. Here is the

Data Attributes in HTML 5

Back in the days of HTML4/XHTML, the usage of the rel and the class attributes on the DOM were quite extensive for DOM selection and arbitary data storage on the browser. For example, If an list item needs to indicate the user who had 7 notification messages, we sometimes

Dynamically creating properties on objects using javascript

Object oriented JavaScript provides great flexibility when coding on the client side. Properties on the Javascript object help set values that can be used within the object to manage and use the data. A background on what I mean by properties in javascript. In javascript properties can be created by